The Story So Far

Founded in February 2018 as a self-funded project by two software developers hailing from Linz in Austria, Apollon Coin $XAP was first announced in their discord channel on 3 March 2018.

The first iteration of their masternode hosting service, the Apollon Investment Platform, was launched on 3 April 2018 and Apollon Investments Ltd was incorporated on 1 June 2018 as a Registered Company in British Columbia, Canada.  

A coin swap and hard fork to adopt the PIVX codebase took place in June 2018 after issues were identified in the $XAP code with hyperinflation and an exploit that saw wallets diverting rewards. While the platform remained offline, trading of $XAP resumed in July 2018 and saw a sharp decline in its value.

The Apollon Nodebuilder v1.0 was released on PC and MAC in August 2018 and in an effort to compete with the pressures of the bear market and to generate cash flow, additional masternode projects were brought on to the platform and discounts offered to users for the cost of hosting, which could be paid in either $XAP or BTC.  

September and October 2018 saw a multitude of new coins being added and a collaboration with mobile monitoring service NodeVault and in December 2018, the team announced their upcoming masternode project, RYON.    

Finally, in February 2019 it was announced that Apollon Investments Ltd was shutting down and he intended to keep the NodeBuilder IP within the company and wait for the market to come back. Refunds for any balances remaining on the platform were not available as the company was now insolvent.  

Apollon Network

The remaining members of the Apollon team provided their own announcement and, with ownership of the IP for the RYON product, confirmed to the community that a replacement for the platform would be available in the near future and any users credit balances on the old platform transferred across.  In the meantime, users nodes continued to operate in the interim and it was advised the migration to the new service would not result in any shutdown of nodes.  

Yesterday, almost exactly one year since their first announcement on discord, the newly formed Apollon Network launched their new RYON service on windows with versions on Mac and Linux to follow.  

Migration from the old platform has been integrated and users will immediately be able to create new $XAP nodes to be launched on their VPS.

A snapshot of the old service taken on 22 February 2019 ensured existing users balances will be transferred to the new platform during the migration provided they register with the same email address.  

To accompany the new launch, the monthly price for any node setup in March will be US$0.79 per node per month for the following 12 months and once the promo period is over, running a node on RYON will cost you no more than US$0.99 per node per month.  

The Apollon Network have also confirmed there will be no node set-up fees, nodes can be created on the platform with no initial outlay and any payments made to Apollon Network for services will be exclusively in $XAP.    

Thanks for your patience and trust. The team is very excited about this new chapter in the Apollon story and we hope you all share this as well.  

Today, 3 March 2019, Apollon reaches its first birthday and Apollon Network advise they are now continuing their work following the launch of the new platform by adding coins, setting up a new company, building a website and creating social media accounts.  

Happy Birthday Apollon!