Ever since our first article on May 30th, we have seen an incredible growth of Masternode Buzz. In these 3.5 months, we have written over 200 articles and grew to an amazing 2100 Twitter followers. Especially considering a lot of people have turned bearish, we are very pleased with these results.

To be able to grow further and provide even higher quality content, we are launching our Buzz Backer Program! We've been asked a lot if there is any way coins could get listed on our website, but we always have been very careful not to turn Buzz into an advertising billboard. Therefore, on the right side of the page, under our Press Releases, we have reserved a space where a limited number of projects will be able to promote themselves.

In addition, on the first of every month we will have a Monthly Backers Article, where we'll be writing about our Premium Backers announcements and achievements. Our Standard Backers will have bullet-point news items in there as well (just like we do with DailyBuzz).

We are pleased to launch our program with three Premium Backers: GoByte, Gentarium and DeviantCoin as well as two standard backers: MNO and BetweenBlocks. We are glad that even without seeing our program in action, they have shown their support.