The Masternode Buzz team would like to welcome its latest Buzz Backer, Documentchain. Documentchain is a distributed ledger-based solution for securing documents on the blockchain (Proof of Existence).

Launched in 2018, the solution is used to store document revision information in a public blockchain, while the documents themselves remain on the user´s computer. In addition, the stored information is automatically provided with a time stamp and transaction data. At any later point in time, it can be proven beyond any doubt, that a document in a specific version existed when it was saved.

Documentchain is used wherever information needs to be archived in an audit-proof manner. In this way, companies secure their important documents, such as contracts and accounting records. A particularly high benefit arises in copyright protection. Inventors and musicians use Documentchain to document the entire history of their creation and thus obtain proof that they had the idea first. Because only the hashes are stored on blockchain, the owner still has full control over their files.

Documentchain also provides access to its blockchain functionalities through an API. This also enables proof of existence in document management systems and internet services.

In closing, the native currency of Documentchain is DMS. DMS allows users to store document records and also serves as a general means of payment.