The Masternode Buzz team is delighted to welcome Midas as our newest Premium Buzz Backer.

Midas is a leading masternode and PoS exchange/platform attempting to create an all-encompassing ecosystem for masternode investments; from analysis to trading, monitoring, and managing of a passive masternode income portfolio.

Key Features

With over 50 hosted coins, the platform boasts of a multi-layer security structure to safeguard the assets of investors. A built-in exchange in combination with an InstantBuy feature allows users to trade and mine at the same time without leaving the platform. Users can buy coins with just a click and still enjoy a 0.5% cashback on purchases.

There is also an automated coin rating beside each listed masternode suggesting the viability and performance of the masternode. Users may decide to streamline their search based on the estimated ROI, cost of the masternode, or overall rating.

Another interesting feature of the Midas investment platform is the LOCK-IN option which activates zero fees. Once activated, users can host any masternode or PoS coin for free. 350 Midas is required to activate the feature.

To wrap up this post, users can become stakeholders in the growth of Midas by upgrading their LOCK-IN. This opens to door to receiving rewards from the platform’s growth for a lifetime.