The Masternode Buzz team is excited to announce its newest Premium Buzz Backer, Merge. Fueled by its native cryptocurrency – MERGE, the project is utilizing blockchain to provide Software-as-a-Service. The rather adventurous solution of Merge focuses on generating income for service developers whilst offering remarkable benefits to individuals who use these services.

The ecosystem sets the playing field for developers to interact with users, whilst acting as a trusted escrow service.

On the developer side, Merge helps transition blockchain and non-blockchain-based applications, tools and solutions into Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Developers are compensated when people use their services. Users, on the other hand, get back their tokens once they stop using services. To put this in perspective, while traditional subscription-based businesses favor monthly or annual payments with no form of rewards, the Merge model locks user funds and settles payment from rewards. At the end of the service period, users get back their tokens.

During the time of the agreement between the consumer and the provider, our Escrow Service stakes the consumer's MERGE tokens and places them in masternodes. These masternodes receive staking rewards for providing security and connectivity to Merge's blockchain.

In addition to its SaaS offering and escrow services, Merge serves as a bridge for several interconnected tools, services, and product offerings. There is the MERGE Membrane, Cryptocurrency, Tools, Wallet, and Decentralized Exchange.

Membrane allows developers to create software that can interact with the blockchain. It comprises of a set of protocols that will facilitate seamless integration between blockchains and real-world applications.

Membrane extends the communication to regular applications in order to have them benefit from blockchain functionality. To reach that goal, it uses the smart contract implementations for each blockchain and exposes it to the applications in a type of high level language that emulates business logic processes.

Some of the subscription-based services currently using the MERGE tokenomics include the MERGE DNS Server, Explorer, Hosting, Radio, Snapshot, Swap App, and Toolbox.

On its list of partnerships and collaborations, Merge is currently affiliated with PIVX, BIRAKE, Blast Exchange, Apparel Junction, and Bitcoin Stacks, UltraGate and NodeCheck.