The Masternode Buzz team will like to announce our latest Premium Backer, All For One Business (AFO). AFO is creating an ecosystem that connects investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

All for One Business is an organization committed to the growth of entrepreneurs and companies, offering a team of trained professionals to provide the tools, support and training necessary for the development of digital projects.

Access to funding has always been one of the major hurdles entrepreneurs face. Investors, on the other hand, are often burdened with the challenge of knowing what and where to invest in. And not leaving out professionals who have the skills to execute the ideas of the entrepreneur. AFO is a focal point connecting each of these players through its platform. Investors from across the globe will have access to several projects they can fund, entrepreneurs will be able to connect with investors and professionals, while professionals offer their services and contribute to the development of projects.

The blockchain is based on the Quark algorithm and has its native currency, AFO. It also features a masternode investment option requiring collateral of 1,000 AFO tokens.

In summary, the team will be working on several things this year. These include its e-commerce development, advertising plan, android wallet, airdrops, trading platform, business app, and events for entrepreneurs, amongst others.