The Masternode Buzz team is excited to welcome Flits as our newest Premium Backer. Flitsnode aims to simplify the masternode and staking investment process. Instead of going through the rather rigorous and time-consuming process of setting up a masternode, the Flits app allows its users to deploy and manage their digital investments in just a few clicks.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and is the “first and safest decentralized mobile masternode app.” Users have total control of their private keys.

Talking about the progress of the project, development is currently in top gear towards the release of Flits 4. The new release comes loaded with a lot of exciting features, including a seamless design in light and dark mode, cold staking and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) integration, a web version, more coin listings, and a helpdesk feature.

Furthermore, users will be able to swap their digital assets to other cryptocurrencies or use them to purchase gift cards in the new release.

The team is also introducing Flits Pro, a lock-in feature that will eliminate the need for fees. By locking a FLS masternode, users won’t have to bother about paying fees, whilst enjoying discounts on gift card purchases and swaps.