The Masternode Buzz team is excited to announce its latest Premium Buzz Backer, Peony Coin. Peony Coin which derives its name from the peony flower, symbolizing prosperity, donor, and good fortune, is a proof-of-stake payment solution for e-commerce.

Interestingly, Peony Coin has been in the blockchain space for over 2 years and is one of the few projects without an ICO or pre-sale. Its solution to the multiple layers of fees involved in e-commerce transactions was designed with the consumer in mind; with key emphasis on speed, affordability, and speed.

Peony Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to be a fiat alternative for e-commerce peer-to-peer transactions.

Talking about the development of the project, plans are on the way to update its wallet to the latest version of PIVX, as well as modify the code to add superblocks. This will give room for improved features such as faster blockchain sync speed, support for HD wallet, and an array of GUI improvements.

Following the project's halving which is expected to happen after block 855,000 Peony's masternode collateral will be increased whilst its block reward will be halved to 5PNY per block. However, the team is contemplating updating its reward system to keep investors interested after the event.

Recently, Peony Coin also enabled cold staking through a partnership with Flitsnode. Consequently, its users will be able to deploy and earn from masternodes without losing custody of their coins.