Ionomy has announced that ION 4.0 is live. The upgrade which requires a hard fork will introduce tokens and allow the spending of xION v2 - “ION’s powerful privacy protocol”. In line with the upgrade, the network has released a new daemon and a new Qt wallet. Users have been advised to download the 4.0 daemon and upgrade their core code in preparation for the ION fork.

The hard fork is scheduled for Sept 16 at block 1,320,000. To be on the safe side, users have been asked to save a copy of their current wallet.dat file before downloading the new wallet. Also, masternode operators are advised to backup their masternode.conf file.

After the fork, older wallets will become incompatible with the network and masternode operators of such wallets will no longer get valid rewards from the main chain. It is therefore expedient for users to upgrade and issue a start command prior to the fork to continue earning rewards.

Users have also been advised to spend their xION v2 tokens. xION will become spendable on Sept 16, shortly after the fork. xION holders have until Nov 30 to spend their tokens.