ION has implemented its Atomic Token Protocol, an adaptation from the “Group Tokenization” protocol designed by Andrew Stone, a lead developer at Bitcoin Unlimited. The implementation of the new token system will usher ION into a new era, making it the first cryptocurrency with a cross-asset reward structure. Also, ION has now become the first Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency to implement a “truly” unmediated ownership and transfer token system.

ION's implementation of the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) transforms the ION ecosystem at every level. At a core level, ION Masternodes and ATOM tokens get Dark Matter (XDM) rewards. Game developers can tokenize in-game assets and currency. And gamers can trade tokens.

Some of the features of ATP include its ease-of-use, transparency, and security. Users can easily create, send, and receive tokens. They are also allowed to audit the blockchain and confirm the number of Dark Matter testnet tokens that exist. With regards to security, users get to control their private keys.

The ION team is calling on members of the blockchain community to scrutinize ATP and report any issues discovered.

ATP also allows anyone, even without technical or coding knowledge, to create tokens that are embedded in the ION blockchain. These tokens all have a status that is almost equal to that of the core cryptocurrency, ION.