Ionomy has recorded another major stride in their bid to create the perfect synergy between the world of cryptos and digital games. The blockchain project has finally released an upgraded version of their platform – v3.0. This recent update will see the crypto platform become a hub for multi-crypto gaming and asset management. According to the team,

The upgrade delivers a new high-speed exchange, masternode hosting, and online wallets for cryptocurrency and gaming assets.

The new ionomy platform comes loaded with a host of features. For a start, the platform now supports a host of other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and ION. They will be integrating several other gaming assets in addition to in-game currencies. Additionally, gamers and developers now have the option to transact in Litecoin (LTC), Dash, PIVX, and ATOMs.

Users who may be interested in hosting masternodes are not left out of the party. ionomy has offered the option for users to select between on-site masternodes or remote-activated masternode services. In their on-site option, the platform handles all the complex aspects of masternode management and set up. Alternatively, users can opt for remote-activated masternode hosting which gives them full control of their private keys.

Still on the subject of masternodes, ionomy now has Sharenodes, meaning that subscribers can earn a percentage from their little investment, instead of waiting until they have the collateral for a full node.