Despite all the buzz around blockchains and cryptocurrencies; their immutability, transparency, speed and relatively low cost, one of the primary reasons why people even consider the tech is because of the possibility of doubling or tripling their investment. It is impossible to isolate the tech and value of a blockchain project from the strength of its community and investor base. This is why investors, traders and miners are always on the lookout for projects with reasonable ROIs and won’t mind shifting their loyalty in an instant.

IQ.сash is a universal large-scale blockchain platform for Traders, Investors & Miners. Its main goal is to provide instant anonymous online payments and investing.

The blockchain project has developed a cryptocurrency and platform which optimizes and maximizes the potential to earn for all participants within its network. In addition to being able to trade the digital asset on top crypto exchanges, miners and investors are not left out of the equation. Miners receive 43% of the block reward, while masternode operators enjoy a passive income of 57% from every block. 6% is however reserved for DAO governance and is channeled towards different trading projects such as algorithmic trading systems, software, trading bots, startups, web site development, and an overall improvement of the IQ.Cash ecosystem, amongst others. The current reward distribution model makes IQ Cash economically attractive to investors and minders, whilst ensuring the sustainability of the blockchain.

Talking about the specification and tokenomics of IQ Cash, the blockchain uses a combination of PoW consensus and a masternode support system. Operating a masternode requires a collateral of 3000 IQ. Additionally, NeoScrypt algorithm employed to prevent ASIC mining and to keep mining attractive to CPU users.

High-speed transactions are achieved through InstantSend, with a record transaction time of about 5 seconds. Another key feature of IQ Cash is the anonymity of transactions. This is enabled through the PrivateSend algorithm. Users are completely assured of encrypted transfers and receipts.

In conclusion, liquidity is a key aspect of cryptocurrency transactions. Investors and traders want to be able to buy and sell their digital assets instantaneously. Although there are over 100 cryptocurrency exchanges, high-volume exchanges are a preferred choice. With this in mind, the IQ Cash team has worked hard to get listed on top exchanges. Recently, IQ was listed on HitBTC, a top-50 exchange. The project will also go live on BitForex on April 3. BitForex is a top-5 exchange.

A combination of the right team, a secured blockchain network, high liquidity, and bespoke features positions IQ Cash as one of the projects to look out for in 2020.

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