KONJUNGATE, an art-based blockchain platform that rewrites the rules of the art market has been listed on Masternode Buzz. You can now view details of the project on its dedicated Masternode Buzz page. Find out the collateral needed to host a masternode, daily price swings, the number of nodes been hosted, as well as the expected ROI. The reward structure of the Masternodes is designed to increase the rewards by 17% each 6 month.

KONJUNGATE is the brainchild of Michael Mastrototaro. It is based on his 1999 cyber novel MACHFELD. Surprisingly, the main character of the novel was called Satoshi Nakamoto, who is now known as the pseudonym founder of Bitcoin.

The project was launched by a team of experts in Vienna, Austria on May 25, 2019. It addresses the problem of contemporary art funding.

In his novel, Nakamoto was a “power-obsessed” art lover and media magnate who had enormous influence in the arts industry. During a faceoff with a leader from another planet, he needed to acquire, Konjungate, a fictional stone that farmers mined.

But despite the striking similarities to Bitcoin, what started as a cyber-novel in 1999 has now evolved into the MACHFELD Foundation, and the fictional Konjungate stone now has a real-life manifestation as a cryptocurrency. MACHFELD Foundation is a non-profit that supports arts and art-based institutions.

Late last year, KONJUNGATE along with its partners, launched an art platform called wendy.network. The platform is a global ecosystem for artists, curators, collectors, and art enthusiasts.

The platform will feature artists from a vast variety of the sector, with a focus on crypto art and contemporary art. wendy.network will enable the members to make use of KONJ in various ways showcasing contemporary artists and giving access to curators, exhibition organizers and collectors.

KONJUNGATE utilizes a combination of Proof-of-Work (PoW), Proof-of-Stake (PoS), and Masternodes. Interestingly, the project has received recognition as part of the greater blockchain and DeFi landscape the Austrian Blockchain Landscape.

Moreover, the KONJUNGATE team has revealed that its “fractal-based” decentralized sidechain will soon be live, making the chain open to new developers.