Davey van Weenen is CMO Marketing & Relations from the KYDcoin project. His goal with KYDcoin is to help the crypto space get rid of scammers, and work step-by-step to provide a safer place for investors and crypto-enthusiasts.

Can you talk a bit about how you got pulled into the masternode sector, and how you became part of the $KYD team?

Around a year ago I started investing in my first masternode project (Bifrost). After doing some research, I invested in several projects. $KYD was one of those, Grejoin our former project lead and I got in contact. We shared some idea’s and became something like virtual friends I guess. He offered me the CMO role, which I fulfilled with pleasure. I hear you thinking “ why “..... I invested in several projects where developers exit scammed. $KYD is not perfect, but the fight against malicious developers is started. Together with the current team, we will search for partners to create a safe and stable ecosystem. Crypto is too beautiful to be destroyed by negative experiences; we need mass adoption.

What is the main purpose of $KYD and when you validate a project, which requirements do you use to verify it’s a solid project?

The concept of $KYD is not to give a project a stamp and say this is solid, for the moment we verify the developer's ID/country of residence /social media profiles. We take a look on their website/whitepaper/GitHub to check if all is present. We don’t look any further into the projects because we don’t want to give any financial advice. The main purpose of $KYD is our upcoming “hiring platform.” This will allow developers/designers/marketing or any other possible role to advertise and be found in our database. We will be the first place for you to search a verified developer to make a job offer and use our escrow payment system and feedback matrix to search for the best solution for your problem.

Recently one of your verified projects (Qabio/masternode.fans) disappeared in what some would call an exit scam. Has this happened to more of your verified projects, and what is the added value of $KYD in cases like this? How do you prevent creating a false sense of security for investors?

I think every single investor knows this four-letter combination DYOR (Do your own research). we only provide extra information to make it a little easier for you to choose if you want to take the risk. Based on my personal experience I feel it’s important the developer is based in a country where the law is strict. In case I get scammed and lose a significant amount of money I’m able to contact the authority’s and look for further actions. My wife is an international lawyer, so yes I did inform myself before talking. In case the developers sold the pre-mine, and exit scammed we call it a crime, in the other hand if the price goes to zero because lack of development that we call a failure. In case of a crime, we only provide the details of a developer direct to the Authorities from the country of residence not to individuals. We were never asked for any support on such cases till now. Because we want to improve our service, we will implement some extra features soon. This new features will provide you with more information so the choice to invest will be easier. Developers who are open to contact with their community and care about their project will always be open to provide you with all the information needed. Fair business, fair people got nothing to hide that is my tip to every investor reading this.

Your current roadmap doesn't mention any dates. This may be an important indicator for investors to see if milestones are being reached in time, showing that the project is on the right track. Can you share KYD’s plans for 2019 and what milestones can be expected for this year?

That’s correct, we just updated it a few days ago. Our hiring platform will be released end of February. Our goals are:

  • Hiring platform release end of February
  • KYD listed on 5 exchanges (completed)
  • KYD youtube channel (Q1 under construction )
  • KYD review page upgrade with new features (Q1 under construction)
  • Partnerships to create a safe ecosystem. (2019)
  • KYD review for Service & platforms & exchanges (2019, first service Panda Bot is completed and added to our review page.)

More information on the KYDcoin project can be found on their Website.