How to Land A DAO Job in 2023

Web3 jobs are now a thing, thanks to the advent of Bitcoin and the technologies that came with it. People have made fortunes and raked in large chunks of money by plying their trade in web3; DAOs being a crucial part of it all.

DAOs stand for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. But chances are that you already know this if you’re reading content on how to get a DAO job. Talking about jobs, Some key roles, gigs, and careers in the DAO sector include:

  1. Marketer
  2. UX/UI designer
  3. Content creator
  4. Web3 developer
  5. Product manager
  6. DAO PR specialist 
  7. Blockchain developer
  8. Cryptocurrency trader
  9. DAO research analyst
  10. Smart contract developer
  11. DAO community manager
  12. Token economics specialist, etc.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are a relatively new concept, and there is no set path to landing a job in one. However, to improve your odds of being hired by a DAO, there are a few things you can do.

Learn about DAOs

It’s a no-brainer. The first step in landing a job in a DAO is to learn as much as you can about these organizations. DAOs are complex and often operate differently from traditional companies. By understanding their mode of  operation, you will be better equipped to navigate the hiring process and impress potential employers.

To start, read up on DAOs and their functions. There are many resources available online on udemy, including blogs, podcasts, and forums, where you can learn about DAOs and their operations. You can also participate in the activities of online DAO communities to connect with others and gain insights into the industry.

Develop Relevant Skills

DAOs operate on blockchain technology, so having a solid understanding of this technology is essential. In addition to blockchain basics, you should also have a good grasp of smart contracts and DeFi, as these are key components of DAOs.

To develop these skills, consider taking online courses or attending workshops that focus on blockchain development, smart contracts, and DeFi. 

In addition to technical skills, you should also have strong communication and collaboration skills. DAOs are structured in a way that anyone can participate from anywhere. This means there is often a lot of communication so you should be comfortable working remotely and communicating effectively with team members from different parts of the world.

Go Heavy on Networking

Networking is a critical part of landing a job in any industry, and this is especially true for DAOs. Join online communities such as Reddit or Discord where various DAO topics are discussed and people meet. Participate in discussions to get noticed; ask questions; and hone your knowledge to get noticed. Build relationships and leverage them for your benefit.

You can also attend conferences and DAO-themed events. These events provide an opportunity to meet industry experts, learn about the latest trends, and connect with potential employers. When networking, it is important to be genuine and authentic. Avoid coming across as overly salesy or pushy. Focus more on building meaningful relationships with people who share your interests and values.

Showcase Your Expertise

To stand out from the competition, you need to demonstrate your expertise in the field. This can be achieved by contributing to open-source projects, building prototypes, and writing blog posts or other content.

Open-source projects are a great way to showcase your skills and knowledge; making a statement in the process. These projects are publicly accessible, and anyone can contribute to them. 

Prototypes are another way to showcase your skills. You can build a working prototype that demonstrates your understanding of smart contracts and blockchain technology. This will not only demonstrate your skills but also show your passion for the field.

Finally, writing blog posts or other content on platforms like Medium can be an effective way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. You can write about the latest trends, share your insights into the industry concepts, and showcase your ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner.

Participating in DAO Governance

This is yet another way to get involved. Be part of a DAO. In doing so, you’ll have the opportunity to vote on proposals and make your voice heard on a particular DAO while also showcasing your knowledge and expertise to other stakeholders in the DAO.

Applying for a DAO Job

When you come across a position or job that appeals to you in the DAO space, carefully crafting your application is the next logical step to take. Also, highlighting skills and abilities that are specifically tailored to the position of interest in your resume and/or cover letter is crucial.

Thankfully, there are now such things as web3 CVs, and preparing a good one will increase your chances of landing your dream DAO job. A LinkedIn profile is another important must-have as well. 


DAOs are quickly gaining traction in the world of Web3. As a result, there is a growing need for skilled professionals who can navigate this emerging landscape of blockchain technology and Defi. Note however that regardless of the need for experts, there isn’t really a dearth in supply of these experts. In fact, you will be competing with a ton of people when it comes to landing a DAO job. But then, doing what is stated in this article will help you position yourself effectively.