LightPayCoin (LPC) which claims to be the future of payments has been added to cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia. According to a tweet by the exchange: >LightPayCoin is now listed on Cryptopia! Deposits and withdrawals are now open, and trading will begin 24 hours from now (3 AM UTC).

The cryptocurrency will be available to trade on the following pairs: LPC/BTC, LPC/LTC, and LPC/DOGE.

About LightPayCoin
The description on LPC’s official page states that: “The Future is here! LPC coin uses [a] new technology of NFC contactless payments and cashing LPC coins through ATMs to Dollars, Euro, and Pounds.”

Although most cryptocurrency projects offer a fast, secured, and somewhat anonymous mode of payment, LPC has a twist to their blockchain project. This is because they are working towards implementing a contactless payment system through “Near Field Communication (NFC).” The project has a masternode and uses a proof-of-stake (PoS) reward system.

Additionally, LPC has a working relationship with the University of Central Florida. This partnership will see facilitate the implementation of contactless payment across ATMs in the United States, as well as NFC tech on mobile devices.

Just in case you are interested in their masternode, the required collateral is 1,000 LPC. The masternode and staking rewards are 65% - 90% and 10% - 35%, respectively.

Another thing that caught my attention about LPC is the project’s total number of tokens, which has been pegged at 21,000,000 LPC. Does this look familiar?