Loki have announced a period of 14 days for users to complete a mandatory upgrade to their latest release, Nimble Nerthus (6.1.0). Service Nodes have until approximately 09 January 2020 (block height 442333) to upgrade to the release, which has been published on Github.

Once you update to Nimble Nerthus, your Service Node will begin acting as a Lokinet router. This will increase the bandwidth usage of your Service Node. After the hardfork, Service Nodes will no longer send uptime proofs if Lokinet isn’t running, so nodes that aren’t running Lokinet will be deregistered.

As detailed in section 5 of their current white paper:

Service Nodes on the Loki network will operate a low latency onion routing protocol, forming a fully decentralised overlay network, called Lokinet...The network can be used to access internally hosted services called SNApps

The upcoming hard fork will therefore mean that in addition to propagating the blockchain and processing transactions, all Service Nodes will now be routing traffic to support Lokinet through the Low Latency Anonymous Routing Protocol (LLARP).

The Nimble Nerthus release will be a hard fork for the Mainnet and any node operators that do not upgrade by block 442333 will be either decommissioned or deregistered from the network.

Major new features within the release will be:  

  • Mainnet launch for Lokinet with all service nodes operating a Lokinet router
  • Blink for instant confirmation of a transaction via the service node network.
  • "Quorumnet" for internal SN-to-SN communications for service node votes.

Service node operators are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the upgrade notes from Github to ensure the correct technical configurations are in place for their node to support the hard fork.  

Instructions on the upgrade have been provided by the Loki team for users running a Service Node with either Loki Launcher or Debian and support with any issues is available via the Loki Discord and Telegram communities.  

No action is required from any users who are currently using Loki wallets and wallets which support Blink are scheduled to be released by 09 January 2020. The Loki team will also be contacting exchanges, mining pools and others over the coming weeks to assist them with upgrading following the hard fork.