Loki’s upgrade to the new Loki Core Trusty Tyr 5.1.0 has begun. Making the announcement on Wednesday, October 9, the team highlighted a number of features Trusty Tyr was bringing to the network. The upgrade will be introducing fully-enabled and enforced Service Node checkpointing, extended uptime credits to 48 hours instead of 24 hours, RandomXL stability updates, increased uptime proof, linear staking requirement curve, bug fixes, export transfers via RPC and updated RPC calls with regards to checkpoint status, amongst others.

The hard fork migration to Trusty Tyr will happen at block 385,824. Loki Core has been estimated to reach this block height on October 22, 2019. Consequently, operators of Service Nodes, full nodes and mining pools have been asked to update their version of the Loki Core.

As part of their update procedures, Service Node operators should also update their Loki Storage Server to the newly released Version 1.0.7. This should happen automatically if you follow the guides.