Loki has announced that it will be performing a hard fork to its Valiant Vidar 7.0.0 upgrade on March 24. Following the upgrade, a number of new feature and upgrade will be added to the Loki software suite. Some of these upgrades include an upgrade to the Loki Storage Server to full 3-hop onion routing instead of its current 1-hop proxy routing for Session messages.

A name system will also be added to enable users to register for mappings for unique, yet human-readable names.

Moving forward, all Loki transactions will be Blink by default since there will be a reduction in Blink fees. Block reward distribution will also be adjusted with 66% of each block reward going to Service Nodes, 24% to miners, and 10% to the Loki Foundation. Additionally, the total reward per block will be dropped to 28 from a current 25 LOKI.

In addition to upgrades to Service Node communications, the upgrade will resolve stability issues and swap RPC calls for a ZMQ interface.

The hard fork is already being tested on the Loki testnet and developers and testers still have the opportunity to probe the new releases until March 17. Subsequently, node operators, miners, and exchanges will be required to upgrade within a week, starting on March 17, prior to the mainnet hard fork on March 24.