As one of the features of its recent Valiant Vidar hardfork, Loki has released the new Loki Name System (LNS). LNS will allow users to assign human-readable usernames to Loki Wallet address and Session IDs.

LNS has been divided into two distinct namespaces. The first section known as Loki names is responsible for Lokinet name mappings while the second section maps Loki Wallet and Session ID usernames. However, the current release of LNS supports only Session ID username registrations.

Each LNS name can resolve (be assigned) to a Session public key, wallet address, or Loki address. Session ID and Wallet names exist within the same namespace.

The new service, however, comes at a cost and with some rules. Names within the session and wallet namespace cost 20 Loki to register. Subsequently, the price will be kept within the $5-$10 range with each hardfork. Names are also case-insensitive, must start and end with an alphanumeric character or an underscore for Session and Wallet LNS mappings. Both Session/Wallet and Lokinet LNS domain names can have a mix of alphanumeric characters or hyphens in between. Whilst the former supports names between 1 to 64 characters long, the later can take up to 253 characters (including the “.loki” suffix).

Although all mappings in the Session/Wallet namespace are preserved forever by default, the team has introduced a reregistration feature to prevent domain squatting. Additionally, up to 2 wallet addresses can use a single name, with the option of being able to transfer ownership to a third party after paying the standard transfer fee.

As at press time, LNS mapping registration is supported in only the CLI wallet and users will need to use the lns_buy_mapping command to purchase a record.