Hybrid blockchain Loki has announced that Host Havoc users can now pay for their server hosting needs using their digital asset – LOKI. This was confirmed in an official tweet which reads:

We're happy to announce HostHavoc now accepts LOKI payments via CoinPaymentsNET! You can now buy all your gaming and web server hosting needs with LOKI!

As seen in the tweet, the payment option is enabled by CoinPayments. CoinPayment offers integrated payment gateway services for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. As at press time, the company supports over 1,165 altcoins and claims to have vendors in 182 countries.

Host Havoc, on the other hand, is a premium game and web server hosting provider. This integration will foster the growth of Loki since crypto enthusiasts and fans of Loki can now pay with their preferred digital asset.

As a hybrid masternode (Service Nodes, as they are called in Loki) coin, Loki allows users to interact in a secure and anonymous way. The blockchain employs both Proof of Service and Proof of Work to reach consensus.