In November 2020, Loki revealed that it was changing its name to Oxen as a way to “keep up with the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.” The full rebrand would help position the masternode project as a robust solution for developers and crypto users.

That being said, the Loki team has started taking steps to make this dream a reality. They recently unveiled their roadmap for the Oxen rebrand.

As a first step, the team has created a landing page for Oxen. The site is still under construction though. Meanwhile, a full social media rollout has kicked off. On January 7, Loki officially began switching social media accounts and contact email to Oxen equivalents.

Loki devs have stated emphatically that these aesthetic changes do not require any action from $LOKI holders. Users can continue to use existing services without having to update.

All Loki users can continue using their current wallets and services without having to update — everything will continue working as normal. But if you want to see the slick new branding in the wallet, you should update regardless!

Over the next few weeks, Loki will work towards implementing the rebrand on service providers like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. A new mobile wallet reflecting the new Oxen branding will also be released.

As for the Oxen website, it is expected to go live in early February.