Luxcore has entered into a strategic partnership with Gath3r, a non-intrusive web miner building an alternative revenue stream for website owners.

Luxcore is proud to announce the next in our series of global strategic partnerships with Gath3r.

Both companies will benefit from the mutual collaboration. Luxcore will be employing Gath3r’s merged mining feature to significantly reduced the risk of a 51% attack on its PoW hashing algorithm. Gath3r, on the other hand, will use Luxcore’s in-house explorer and PoS web and mobile wallet-as-a-service products.

Luxcore on summarizing the details of the partnership in an official Medium post said:

The Gath3r agreement thus acquires a licensee for Luxcore’s web/mobile wallet-as-a-service and block explorer products while simultaneously securing our blockchain against malicious attack.

This partnership on the list of global strategic partnerships Luxcore will be entering in a bid to pioneer blockchain solutions. Earlier this month, the company signed an MoU with TEQNOBLOC to aid expansion into the Middle East and North African market.

Luxcore is a blockchain project that focuses on deploying enterprise-ready solutions, particularly security and privacy projects.