Luxcore is a blockchain project that focuses on deploying enterprise-ready solutions, particularly security and privacy projects. In the last few weeks, the company has made some significant strides. First, the projected completed a pair of successful hard forks, as outlined in their roadmap. These hard forks have improved the functionality of the Luxcore ecosystem, setting it as one of the unique blockchain service providers in the space.

Some of the features of the latest version – Mercury v5.2.1 includes a block pruning functionality, Segregated Witness (SegWit), PoW/PoS algorithm, smart contracts, and hybrid masternodes.

In addition to these updates, the company has also reorganized its leadership, in a bid to promote the network and steer the project in the right direction. There was both an internal and external reshuffling. One of the most significant changes involves John McAfee replacing Brian Oliver as the CEO of the company. McAfee has been functioning as one of the advisors since April.

On speaking about the new appointment, he said:

“Luxcore’s rapid development of game-changing technology requires a rapid escalation of business growth,” said McAfee. “In order to achieve the company’s growth targets, there will be a heightened emphasis on strategic marketing of products such as the PoS web wallet and the yet-to-be-released LuxGate cross-platform exchange. I am excited about our aggressive growth strategy and the many innovations yet to come.”

Other positions that saw new heads includes the role of CFO, communications and social strategist, designer, chief strategist, and director of business development.