Following the release of Luxcore’s PoS web wallet for the storage of LUX in early 2018, the team has launched a mobile wallet for both Android and iOS users. In addition to being able to send and receive LUX coins from the mobile wallet, users will be able to store/control, stake and secure their digital assets on the wallet.

There are three login and control options on the mobile wallet for heightened security – fingerprint, face authorization and email verification. A user may decide to enable all the options. Additionally, as an added layer of security, a real-time log-in alert is sent once a malicious third-party try to access an account.

The wallet uses PHI2 hashing algorithm. With this, LUX users can generate and stake on-the-go without having to bother about leaving their PCs on. It is also worth noting that the network has a unique reward system. All stakers receive a fixed amount of payout, even though users with higher stake get paid more frequently.

Users have complete control of their private keys on the wallet. Older wallets can be imported or exported and private keys can even be deleted from the server once not in use. This is in addition to 2FA for added security.