Nearly two years after announcing its intention to migrate to a new mining algorithm, Luxcore has finally made the transition. The blockchain project successfully implemented a major fork at block 1612500 on February 18.

As part of the new fork, the network has now migrated to a new mining algorithm – RX2. As per the announcement, RX2 will ensure a fairer distribution of mining rewards, whilst rewarding long-term LUX miners. Furthermore, the new algorithm is expected to better secure the blockchain network, safeguard LUX against pumps and dumps, and keep the ecosystem at the forefront of cryptocurrency mining.

Our new algorithm has been designed and optimized to ensure a [fairer] playing field for miners using CPU and GPU hardware, removing any advantage from specialized equipment that may consolidate hashing power.

For some context, RX2 is a spinoff of Monero’s RandomX protocol, a Proof-of-Work algorithm that was designed to be ASIC resistant. With a few improvements to the original code, the Luxcore team launched RX2. In general, RX2 is optimized for general-purpose CPUs, boasts of a greater degree of decentralization, and is more egalitarian in the distribution of block rewards.