Masternode Buzz, the Media Platform dedicated to raising Masternode Awareness in the cryptocurrency sector and beyond, and in recognition of the distinguished example of meritorious content it provides has today, 01 April 2019, been awarded with the Pultizer Prize for Public Service in Journalism.

Pulitzer has reached out to the publishing team for comment:

Wow!  Can’t stop and chat though, sorry, I need to be up at 5am for work.
— FIVEam
There is no way you are getting a quote from me for your article.
— Mister Node
I really don’t know what to say.  You can see I let my articles do the talking.
— Clement Saudu
It was all a bit embarrassing really.  Obviously we are an online platform which means we don’t have an office, let alone a shelf to put the award on. When the guys from Pulitzer turned up this morning I had to politely give the award back to them and ask if they could give us a non-fungible ERC-721 compliant token instead.
— Tom Dumoni