• Buzz: PolisPay switches to Proof-of-Stake after 51% attack!
  • StakeNet listed PIVX as a pooled staking service.
  • StakeNet monthly update on Medium.
  • CatoCoin has been added to the MyCryptoPayout payment system for Woocommerce and Wordpress.
  • Apollon weekly update on Medium.
  • Rupaya weekly update on Medium.
  • Loki service nodes have been activated on the network.
  • TE-FOOD releases their blockchain launch roadmap on Medium.
  • CPChain released their community update on Medium.
  • HempCoin is now trading on CryptoBridge.

Hosting Platform Listings

  • GIN Platform added BiblePay.
  • Apollon added PayDayCoin, VividPlatform, CottonCoin, BiblePay and Syscoin. (Website)

  • Phone Coin $PHON has added 3 Tiers to the MNO platform and to the #Tiers Tab.
  • Energi $NRG has been added to the MNO platform.

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