It’s that time of the year when we get to vote for our favorite masternode projects and services. This year’s Masternode Community Awards will zero in on 4 voting categories –

  • Most Innovative Masternode Project
  • Best hosting Provider
  • Best Masternode Community
  • Best Masternode Exchange

The Buzz team calls on members of the masternode community to come and rep their favorite projects starting February 21.

Voting will be open for a single category every Friday from Feb 21. Once the votes are collated, a panel of experts will analyze the nominations to ensure the process is transparent and the winners in each category will be announced, subsequently.

Last year, the now-defunct GIN platform was voted as the best masternode hosting service. Cryptonode and Apollon were also top-performers in this category. Sadly, only Cryptonode is still in the market.

Interestingly, GIN was also voted as having the best masternode support in 2019. Giant, Bulwark and DarkPayCoin also received massive support from its community.

The most innovative masternode projects for 2019 were XDNA, Wagerr, NIX, Giant and Beacon, with XDNA holding on to the first position.

Voting opens on Friday, February 21.