The masternode community is rallying around one of its active members and contributors. Alex is the creator and moderator of News_MasterNodeLikePRO, a Telegram channel dedicated to masternode news. He is also an active collaborator in several other masternode-related startups, including Masternode Online. Sadly, Alex has some eye complications that needed surgery. It is even sadder that after two surgeries, the issue is yet to be resolved.

Thankfully, one of the founders of Trittium has found a surgeon who can perform the surgery and guarantees a very high probability of success. In order to save costs, Alex will be staying at his place until the procedure is completed. In total, the surgery required about $6,000. Some individuals have contributed and more will be contributing.

Both individuals and organizations have helped out. CryptoSandwich from Masternodes.Online said:

[We are] very grateful for Alex's many contributions to this masternode sector and also helping us out at MNO when we were the new kid. MNO will be sending you a contribution with great appreciation for your efforts with prayers and optimism for your eyes to see clearly once more!

If you would be like to be part of helping Alex, you can send whatever you have to this BTC address: 17RoUpsGUWeAsVaaULsLjvuKQ3uAYz4hT9

Of course Masternode Buzz has made a contribution to the address as well. We are wishing Alex a successful surgery and speedy recovery from Masternode Buzz!