Our number one goal at Masternode Buzz is to increase Masternode Awareness in the cryptocurrency sector and beyond, as we believe there are still a lot of uninformed people out there. In April 2018 we started our news site, followed by our Masternode Stats page, Portfolio Challenge and recently, our Masternode Directory including our Hosting Comparison Platform, which has been a great success.

Everybody knows that building these platforms isn't free, and to keep expanding, we need to find ways to pay our writers, designers and developers. Therefore we choose to implement a monetization framework that is only possible with cryptocurrencies.


In our Masternode Directory, we will sell every link for a small fee, which can be paid with a simple bitcoin transaction. Wether you want to promote or support your (favorite) project, you can unlock the links to a website with a small transaction of 0.004 BTC (after 2 weeks it will be 0.008 BTC).

To thank our supporters, bought links will be visible first on selected pages, and for the coin pages, links will be sorted by purchasing date.

How does it work?

Unlocking links is easy. Step 1 is pressing the 'Unlock Links' button at the bottom of a coin page:

Step 2: Click the link you want to unlock, if you want to unlock all links for a hosting platform/exchange that's possible as well.

The popup window will now show you the order and present a QR code + Bitcoin address. After payment is done, the price will change into a grey (unclickable) button to show that the link has been bought. As soon as there are one or more confirmations on the Bitcoin blockchain, the button will become a blue link.

0 confirmations: The price has a grey border to show the payment is pending
1+ confirmations: The price will now be a blue clickable button

More information

If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing. Because of the way transactions are done, we cannot provide refunds. In the future we will add a limited featured spot per exchange/hosting provider, so newer projects will still be able to promote their project.

Fine Print: Because we receive our data from Masternodes.Online, projects which are delisted there will also be delisted in our Masternode Directory. We will also delist projects/links in case they fail to provide a proper service.