Mister Node manages Masternodes for different entities. In this monthly update we will keep track of his portfolio, and actual profits made from sold Masternode stakes. It will be very interesting to see how value and ROI of different Masternodes will develop over time. Track his portfolio on portfolio.masternode.buzz.

A happy new year to all of you, and welcome to our fourth update! We've seen yet another month with high volatility and a decline in the Bitcoin price, being worth $7,571 on Dec 1st and $7,194 on Jan 1st. Let's see what this means for our portfolio.


We've seen a slight drop in all of our masternode prices, except for the Horizen Super Node, which had a great month and grew almost 60% in value. Our monthly profits grew as well for Horizen, going from $35 to $45.

VeChain had a pretty big drop this month because of the hacked foundation buyback wallet. However, recently was decided by a token holder's vote that the hacked coins will be burned. Let's see if this will slowly restore the price.

Although Divi dropped slightly, they had an amazing year ranking second in our 2019 Best Performing Masternodes list. Our rewards where a little bit lower this month due to maintenance on the masternode server. The expected return would have been between $100 and $120.

All in all we are still very satisfied with our portfolio, and may 2020 be a great year for Masternodes! Hopefully we can add some interesting new projects to our portfolio soon.