Mister Node manages Masternodes for different entities. In this monthly update we will keep track of his portfolio, and actual profits made from sold Masternode stakes. It will be very interesting to see how value and ROI of different Masternodes will develop over time. Track his portfolio on portfolio.masternode.buzz.

Another great month for the portfolio! After crossing the $100k mark last month, the portfolio nearly doubled in value and reached a whopping $210,147! This 75% increase can be attributed to the strong growth of Divi and VeChain.


Divi and Vechain delivered the most profit this month as well, providing us with $344 for the Vechain node and $445 for both the Divi Silver and Copper node. It's interesting to see that the Divi Copper and Silv er node made about the same amount. This is not to be expected but as the masternode payouts are random this can occur.

We had to say goodbye to our Polis nodes, as Polis will continue their adventure on the BSC blockchain. Polis owners who would like to continue earning passive income can do so by staking their Liquidity Pair on the BSC Network.

A big welcome to our new Essentia Mars node! The Essentia project originated on Ethereum but recently added a bridge to be able to run Masternodes. You can run an ESS masternode on Gentarium and Flitsnode.