Mister Node manages Masternodes for different entities. In this monthly update we will keep track of his portfolio, and actual profits made from sold Masternode stakes. It will be very interesting to see how value and ROI of different Masternodes will develop over time. Track his portfolio on portfolio.masternode.buzz.

Welcome Masternode-enthusiasts to our third update! Another interesting month for sure, having seen prices going up and down (welcome to crypto). We have seen a big decline in BTC as well, being worth $9.193 on Nov 1st and $7.571 on Dec 1st. Let's see what this means for our portfolio.


In contrary to what one would expect when looking at BTC, our portfolio still grew from $16.213 to $21.435. Most of this growth can be attributed to VeChain, which saw a huge spike after the Chinese-French partnership announcement.

Another big increase for Polis, as it is keeps working on building their payment product. After having announced their new v8 roadmap there seems to be more good news coming.

Divi Project and Horizen also increased this month, as the Divi Silver Node has given the highest net profit this month of $108. The highest ROI goes to ZCore and Midas. As the Midas node had is first full month running, monthly profits went from $38.80 last month to $47.40 this month.

Considering Altbet, we are still waiting to set up the new wallet, which should mitigate the inflation from the attack they experienced last month.

Let us know what you think about this portfolio and which project you'd like to see added!