Mister Node manages Masternodes for different entities. In this monthly update we will keep track of his portfolio, and actual profits made from sold Masternode stakes. It will be very interesting to see how value and ROI of different Masternodes will develop over time. Track his portfolio on portfolio.masternode.buzz.

Welcome fellow Masternode-enthusiasts to our second update! It has been a very interesting month for sure. After a big drop the crypto market arose from its ashes and Bitcoin crossed over the $9k line yet again.


In terms of our portfolio, we have seen some nice gains this month, where almost all our investments grew even without including received stakes. We are also excited to be adding a Midas node to our portfolio, which increases our total portfolio value to $16.213.

Because our Midas node has been added in the middle of the month, it has to be considered that the calculations do not represent a full month yet. If we extrapolate our stake income for the whole month, we would have expected to sell about $52 worth with a ROI of 65%. This is up to par with the average stake calculations from MNO.

After months of big gains for Divi Project, they have been able to stabilize their price. The monthly income is lower than expected because there was some downtime with our hosting (due to own fault) which caused a couple of days without stakes. This is of course all part of the Masternode life.

The PHORE, Horizen and Polis nodes have been doing really well this month as they increased respectively 34, 41 and 50 percent in price. Our Polis node was very lucky, receiving more stakes than average (it is a lottery after all) which resulted in some nice extra income.

Lastly there is also some less positive news. The Altbet project was hacked after a hard fork, resulting in 6,000,000 coins being minted in a block and dumped on exchanges on the day of their 1 year anniversary. Personally, I feel for the team, as they have been working very hard on releasing their new Poker platform of which the release would have been around the moment of the hack. They have decided to hard fork, giving coin holders before the hack a 10x increase of their holdings. This will make the hacked coins worth a lot less. In anticipation to this hard fork, no coins have been sold this month.

All in all it was a good month for the portfolio, and we have been reminded that investing diversification in this very risky asset group is important, and of course, don't invest what you can't afford to lose.