Mister Node manages Masternodes for different entities. In this monthly update we will keep track of his portfolio, and actual profits made from sold Masternode stakes. It will be very interesting to see how value and ROI of different Masternodes will develop over time. Track his portfolio on portfolio.masternode.buzz.

Another monthly update in these volatile times. While our portfolio decreased a bit compared to last month (from $57,171 to $45,287), the portfolio is still performing well and is in profit. Let's have a look at how this month performed.


The Bitcoin price dropped from $11,705 last month to $10,785. After a strong increase from June to July, we are now seeing a blow-off top. Despite the drop in most prices, some Masternodes have been relatively stable or even increased in value.

Our top earners this month are Divi Project ($340), Midas ($98) and Flits ($77). Both the Midas and Flits masternodes have increased in price with 14% and 5% respectively. Because of wallet updates including masternodes restarts we have seen a temporary decrease in profits from StakeCube, Polis and Flits. We expect monthly profits to be back on track next month.

The Crypto.com 10k staking tier has also been added to the portfolio. Investing in this staking option will not only give you an average 16% yield, but will also provide you with a CreditCard including free Netflix, Spotify, Airport Lounge access and 3% cashback on all purchases. You can read more about crypto.com in our article.