In spite of their impressive trading volumes, crypto exchanges like Binance and Bitfinex are plagued with issues: they are vulnerable to attacks, their interfaces are clunky, their range of trading order types is limited, and analytical tools are often lacking. It’s not surprising that market professionals are turning to user-friendly, versatile trading terminals – such as the masternode-driven OneExBit, whose ONEX coins are now available on CryptoBridge.

Trading terminals are essential in traditional markets like Forex, but in the crypto world they are still a novelty. OneExBit represents all that a good crypto trading terminal can and should be – slick, easy to set up and use, secure, and packed with handy features and graphs. The beta release of the terminal is already out and fully functional, with circa 10 leading exchanges integrated. The platform regularly adds new exchanges and has recently introduced marginal trading.

A plethora of advanced features

Starting from this week, OneExBit coins can be purchased on the popular exchange CryptoBridge. Over 500 successful traders use the OneExBit terminal daily to open and close deals on their favourite exchanges using API. The API trading mechanism is made secure by storing API keys solely on users’ local machines and by making fund withdrawals impossible. Even if the OneExBit platform itself comes under attack, hackers will not be able to take possession of the users’ crypto. To achieve an even higher level of security, the platform will soon become open-source, engaging numerous independent developers in the process of code audit.

What distinguishes OneExBit among dozens of other trading-related projects is that it’s already fully operational. Yet another remarkable feature of OneExBit is that all the basic features of the trading terminal are offered for free, including marginal trading – an indispensable tool for any trading enthusiast. A set of premium features are currently being developed. In the upcoming releases, users will be offered numerous new ways to earn a profit:

  • margin trading with various leverage levels
  • mirror trading (copying successful professionals’ transactions)
  • automated trading using bots
  • intraexchange aribtrage (finding windows of opportunity presented by the difference in exchange rates on the same exchange)
  • monetizing one’s own trading bots or allowing for one’s own trades to be copied (for verified professionals only)
  • using complex order types (take profit, stop loss, etc.)
  • and so forth.PoS mining, masternodes, and the long-term focus

In this context, the introduction of masternodes will provide yet another great way to earn a reliable income. In particular, 80% of all block rewards will be allocated to masternode operators.

OneExBit has just successfully completed a pre-sale. From now on all those wishing to run a masternode or a PoS mining node can head to CryptoBridge to purchase the necessary number of ONEX coins to make a stake. The project’s coinomics has been carefully designed to provide maximum benefits for long-term investors and minimize the involvement of speculators. What’s more, the project founders plan to tokenize the company in the near future, which will ensure even more advantages for early supporters.

Further information is available on the official website and in the White Paper.

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