We are finally down to the Championship round of the MasternodeMeBro18 tournament. Two winners have emerged out of four masternode competitors that were paired to go head to head in each category, in Event 4.

In the category of “Minimizing Cost”, Dynamic (DYN) battled Stakenet (XSN), and GINCoin (GIN) battled Terracoin (TRC). Dynamic and GINCoin emerged winners in this group.

Deviant (DEV) and StoneCoin (STONE) emerged winners in the “Maximize ROI” battle card, knocking out EXUS Coin (EXUS) and Xando (XDO), respectively.

Card 15, which is for the best masternode projects that “Minimize Risk”, saw PIVX (PIVX) winning Blocknet (BLOCK), and Phore (PHR) garnering more votes than ALQO (XLQ).

The final play card for “Optimize Past” was a fierce and rather close competition between ColossusXT (COLX) vs. Crown (CRW) and Bulwark (BWK) vs. Rupaya (RUPX). At the end of the competition, ColossusXT and Bulwark emerged winners.

The Event 5, which is the championship fights will see all the winners in each category go head to head.

  • Dynamic (DYN) will be battling GINCoin (GIN) in the “Minimize Cost” category.
  • Deviant (DEV) will go against StoneCoin (STONE) for the “Maximize ROI” card.
  • PIVX (PIVX) will attempt to win Phore (PHR) to hold the “Minimize Risk” title.
  • It’s going to be ColossusXT (COLX) vs. Bulwark (BWK) for the “Optimize Past” title.

Event 5 will run from September 25 to October 21, 2018.