The MasternodeMeBro18 tournament has announced the winners for Event 5, Championship Fights. Event 5 ran from September 25 to October 21, and saw top masternode projects battle for supremacy across four fight cards – Minimize Cost, Maximize ROI, Minimize Risk, and Optimize Past.

The contestant for the just concluded Championship Fights are as follows:

Fight Card: Minimize Cost

  • Dynamic (DYN) v. GINCoin (GIN)

Fight Card: Maximize ROI

  • Deviant (DEV) v. StoneCoin (STONE)

Fight Card: Minimize Risk

  • PIVX (PIVX) v. Phore (PHR)

Fight Card: Optimize Past

  • ColossusXT (COLX) v. Bulwark (BWK)

GINCoin, Deviant and Phore emerged directly as winners in their respective categories, while Bulwark won against ColossusXT in an extra 'sudden death' round. The winners will battle each other in a Grand Championship march, which originally was scheduled to hold from October 23 to October 28 of this year. MasternodeMeBro has not given any details on how these projects will be paired.

Source: @OmniAnalytics

In general, it is interesting to see how the fanbase of different masternode projects rally around their choice masternode to ensure they win.