The MasternodeMeBro18 tournament has announced the winners of its third event. This is the third of six games, and winning masternode projects are one step closer to the finals.

The tournament which is a collaboration between “The Crypto Hobbit” and Omni Analytics Groups is an epic battle between masternode projects. The tournament aims to sample the opinion of crypto enthusiasts and the community with regards to masternode projects. There are four battle categories in each tournament stage, and by the end of the event, a winner will emerge in each category. The categories are “minimize cost, maximize ROI, minimize risk, and optimize past.” According to the team:

the masternode categories represent the various selection criteria that investors may consider when researching coins. Not every strategy involves maximizing short-term returns, and we wanted our ranking algorithm to reflect that.

The winners of the Event 3 in each category are as follows:

Minimize Cost: Dynamic (DYN), Stakenet (XSN), GINCoin (GIN), Terracoin (TRC)
Maximize ROI: Deviant (DEV), EXUS Coin (EXUS), Xando (XDO), StoneCoin (STONE)
Minimize Risk: PIVX (PIVX), Blocknet (BLOCK), PHORE (PHR), ALQO (XLQ)
Optimize Past: ColossusXT (COLX), Crown (CRW), Bulwark (BWK), Rupaya (RUPX)

Over 11,000 responses were collected across all categories in Event 3, and these winners have been set to go head-to-head in Event 4. It is worth noting that some of the responses came from duplicate IP address. This called for further analysis by Omni Analytics group, which revealed that five fights were compromised. To determine actual winners in these fights, there was a Sudden Death round.