One of the most basic questions most new entrants to the cryptocurrency space ask is how to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum using their fiat currency. For most crypto traders, the typical steps involved in purchasing their favorite crypto is as follows:

  • Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum from any of the major exchanges (like Coinbase) by using their credit cards
  • Transfer their Bitcoin to a crypto exchange and then buy a less popular crypto

Interestingly, a research by the Omni Analytics Group reveals that a lot of cryptocurrency projects, particularly masternodes have at least one fiat gateway. Put differently, users can buy these masternode coins directly with their credit cards. The Group noted in a tweet that:

A likely unnoticed fact about #masternode adoption is that a subset of them actually have fiat pairings on #cryptoexchanges. Our research identified 23 #masternodes with at least one fiat gateway. $PIVX $XZC $SYS $XSN $PAC & $CRW all had at least 2, with $DASH linked to 12. #dyor

Source: @OmniAnalytics Tweet

The research which sampled 23 masternode projects considered 13 fiat pairings – US Dollar, Turkish Lira, Euro, Pound Sterling, Brazilian Real, South African Rand, and Indian Rupee, amongst others.

Source: @OmniAnalytics Tweet

DASH has the highest fiat pairings with 12 fiat currencies, PIVX and XZC both have 5 fiat currencies linked to the masternode coins.

What this means for masternode investors is that they can easily purchase their masternode coins without having to go through the typical process described above.