There’s no arguing the fact that a lot of investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are becoming tired of the constant fluctuations in the prices of cryptos – one minute there is a bull run and the next minute the total market cap is taking a dive. It won’t be a fallacy if I say some people have given up on their “Lambo” dreams. Nonetheless, investors are still making money from cryptos.

Interestingly, despite the volatile nature of the market, masternodes have tickled the fancy of investors. Masternodes have been dubbed one of the ways to earn passively from the crypto market. All investors need to do is setup a masternode, deposit a collateral on their preferred network, and perform some specialized functions.

A quick look at Google Trends confirms that there is a decline in “bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” searches. Ironically, searches involving “masternode” have gone up within the same time frame.


As seen in the stats above, which searches for masternodes are beginning to increase, their bitcoin and cryptocurrency counterparts are steadily dropping.


Interestingly, while one may have expected top searches to come from countries like China or the U.S., Slovenia, the Netherlands, and Estonia have bagged the top spots for these searches for “masternodes” to invest in.