Earlier this week, NULS was listed both its Consensus Nodes and its collateralized Staking on MasterNodes.Online’s (MNO) newly created Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism category. This new classification offers investors immediate insight to easily compare both DPoS and Masternode projects to make informed decisions to invest in listed coin projects.

DPoS projects are very similar to what we know as masternodes but have different characteristics from Dash and other notable masternode coins.  Some of these attributes as implemented by NULS include easy setup, faster receiving of first stake, compounding staking by adding to collateral and greater flexibility in coin management and custody.

The new DPoS category on MNO has gone “live” with NULS and other DPoS projects are now welcome to list on Masternodes.online.



Masternodes.online (MNO) is the most comprehensive monitoring and statics service website providing unparalleled statistics and resources to passive income investors.

NULS is an open-source, community-driven public blockchain platform. It features innovative modular-style architecture (microservices) consisting of separate modules which makes building a blockchain easy for enterprises, entrepreneurs and individuals.

For more information about Masternodes Online: contact@masternodes.online

For more information about the NULS Foundation: penny@nuls.io

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