In their weekly #MasternodeMonday section, the Omni Analytics team uses fundamental analysis to analyse the current masternode sector.

This week they have analysed which coins have governance, a white paper and a website. I was very surprised to see there is still such a high amount of coins without a website. In a time where multiple new masternodes launch every day, some would think it is the most important asset to have. Also note that these coins probably paid a lot of money to be listed on exchanges and masternode listing sites.

Furthermore, we have the white paper. It is very important for each cryptocurrency to have a clear vision on what they want to achieve, and what makes them different from all those other coins. Whether this is trough a roadmap, development plan or white paper is up for discussion. But it does show a lot more professionalism when having one. This discussion reminded me of VeChain's "THIS IS NOT A WHITE PAPER!" [PDF], which gave them a lot of criticism.

What also surprised me was the small amount of masternodes that actually have functioning governance, as this is one of the great opportunities masternode coins have.

Update: ZCoin, VeChain and ColossusCoinXT have posted their whitepapers as a response to the tweet. Also BiblePay and Terracoin should be list with whitepaper, governance and website.

The analytics documents can be downloaded for a small fee on their website.