Early this month, we wrote an article announcing the upcoming launch of masternodes in cryptocurrency project, Matrix.  Some progress has been made in the last 14 days and their masternodes are now available for testing. In line with this, they are calling on enthusiasts of their project and members of the masternode community to test the masternode network.

In order to participate in the public testing, a user is required to obtain test tokens. Users have been warned not to use their real MAN tokens for the test. Instead, they should set up a new Matrix wallet address and apply for testnet tokens vial email. The test tokens will be sent out to an applicant within one business day.

There have however been some changes on with regards to block rewards. The Matrix AI Network blocktime is now set at 6 seconds, yielding 10 MAN instead of an original 22.5 MAN per block. Additionally, 70% of block reward goes to the Verification Network, while the remaining 30% is allocated to the Mining Network. This was originally 50% to validator masternodes, 40% to mining masternodes, and 10% for maintaining the ecosystem.

After every election cycle of 300 blocks, 24 verification nodes and 21 mining nodes will be selected. The mining nodes are still the same from their last update, while verification nodes have increased to 24, from an earlier 11.