The Matrix AI team has announced in an official Medium post that they will be launching their AI network in the coming days. Part of the post reads:

The Matrix team is thrilled to announce that the Matrix AI Network will officially launch on February 28th, 2019!

The team will be in charge of mining and running masternodes for a few weeks after the launch. This is to enable them to confirm the stability of the network. During this time, community members who may be interested in deploying staking masternodes can swap their token, without having to worry about early mining and verification incentives.

Since the team will run the initial nodes, a large percentage of the initial block rewards will be returned back to the ecosystem. Although there are no exact figures with regards to the number of tokens that will be mined, the team has given an estimate in addition to 400,000 MAN tokens that have been earmarked for operational costs.

The estimated breakdown is as follows:

·         1,000,000 MAN for mainnet airdrop

·         200,000 MAN for early mining masternode incentive

·         200,000 MAN for early verification masternode incentive

·         300,000 MAN for testnet participation appreciation

·         2,000,000 MAN token burn

It is also worth noting that the Matrix Mainnet will demonstrate a network throughput speed of over 5000 TPS.