Matrix AI has unveiled its horse breeding, nurturing and gaming ecosystem, Horse Saga. The game which has been in the R&D stage for several months is expected to see a Beta release in mid-March.

Horse Saga mimics all the requirements needed to breed and raise a horse in real-life. Each horse in the game is unique, has a traceable age, gender, lineage and pedigree. This is achieved via an ERC7211 protocol. By breeding horses of different characteristics and features, a user can create an entirely new offspring which combines the traits of both parents. Features such as the shape, size, color and strength of a horse can be influenced.

Source: Matrix AI Medium

The game has an option to buy, sell or lease horses in its in-game horse exchange. Additionally, new horses must spend some time after ‘birth’ before they can participate in competitions. Once a horse reaches a certain age, it is retired and becomes illegible to participate in competitions. Interestingly, a magical egg containing a new horse is released at this point.

As earlier stated, Horse Saga mimics real-life scenarios. Racehorses need to undergo some form of training to improve their features and harness new skills. Training is time-based and each horse has a cap on its potential and stamina. Once exhausted, a horse needs to rest.

Although horses are the stars of the game, Horse Saga also features jockeys. They work with horses in training and competition.

Members of the Matrix AI community have been invited to try out the game prior to its beta release in mid-March. Participants will be rewarded MAN rewards for their feedback.