The Masternode Buzz team will like to felicitate with one of our Premium Buzz Backers, Midas, on thriving for 2 years in the cryptocurrency space. Despite the prolonged crypto winter, Midas has stood tall as a solid project in the masternode space.

The project which was launched as a shared masternode service 2 years ago has set significant records in the masternode niche. Some of which includes being the first service to introduce Instant Shares and Reinvestment features. Midas was also the first investment service to launch a zero-fee platform through is Lock-in feature. Other innovations such as the InstantBuy and Coin rating, confirmed the project’s position as a pace-setter.

Although the last 2 years have been quite eventful for Midas, the team has hinted that there is more to come. For 2020, we are expected to see a buyback of Midas coin, an updated version of the Midas lock-in program, listings on top exchanges, a push to rank top-100 on CoinMarketCap, and intensification of marketing efforts, amongst others.

Now we are at the beginning of the new bullish trend. Not only for crypto, but for Midas also. The groundbreaking exchange, design update, new marketing channels and so on.

Midas is a leading masternode and PoS exchange/platform attempting to create an all-encompassing ecosystem for masternode investments; from analysis to trading, monitoring, and managing of a passive masternode income portfolio.