MIDAS is an investment platform which offers a plethora of investment instruments including masternodes, proof-of-stake and trading bots, amongst others. The platform which claims to have pioneered Instant Share masternode investments and the integration of a utility coin with an investment platform, has also launched what appears to be the first investment platform with zero fees.

Fees are the primary source of revenue for investment and exchange platforms, so it may come as a surprise that a platform is offering zero-fee transactions. For a start, MIDAS claims to have diversified their revenue streams to nine, while other platforms simply thrive on fees and one or two extra revenue streams.

The zero-fee platform is incentivized. Users activate the feature by depositing 150 MIDAS tokens in the Lock-in account. This option may be particularly beneficial to large investors.

The concept is simple: Hold 150 MIDAS in the MIDAS Lock-in via your account to enable zero fees across all your investments today, tomorrow and forever!

Zero-fees is kept active as long as the required collateral is kept in the MIDAS Lock-in. It is also worth stating that users can withdraw their MIDAS at any point in time, prompting the deactivation of the zero-fee benefit.