Proof-of-stake and masternode investment platform, Midas, has expanded its product offering to include a cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange which was released today, is in line with the project’s Q4 2019 roadmap for a PoS and MN exchange.

In addition to being able to earn from staking and masternode investments on the platform, users can trade on a plethora of cryptocurrencies. For a start, users will be able to trade every coin listed as “InstantBuy” on its platform. This includes Dash, PIVX, Phore, Fline, 3DCoin and many other masternode coins. In general, the exchange has kicked off trading with more than 30 projects.

Prior to the exchange release, the dev team had announced that the exchange was moving into alpha testing – about 2 weeks ago. During this period, the team received feedback from testers.

During the tests, we received a lot of opinions and suggestions and fixed most of the problems, including interface optimization! Your feedback was priceless and will be rewarded after the launch!